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        Denmark: Farmers want to invest in solar energy systems

        Source:solarpv directory Date:2013-04-01
        Since the Danish Government changed its subsidy rules for solar energy last December, solar energy systems have become an increasingly interesting and realistic investment for Danish farmers. It is good business for farmers to invest in solar cells systems, both on the roofs of their – usually large – farm buildings or mounted in their fields. Special solar- themed information meetings organized for farmers all over the country have been very well attended in the last few months. In 2012, the Danish Government made it even more advantageous to install larger solar cells systems, up to max. 400 kW, with the implementation of new rules under which farmers can sell all produced electricity to the grid at a guaranteed price of 1,30 kroners (0,17 eurocents) per kWh during ten years. Alternatively, they can sell only their surplus power. This way they can earn money on the electricity they produce for the grid and save money on their own consumption. Also contributing to the attractiveness of this investment is the fact that photovoltaic (PV) systems have become cheaper and now have a longer life span than before. In fact, the solar industry in Denmark has reported enormous interest not only from farmers, but also from owners of camping grounds, neighbourhood communities and entire villages, housing associations and commercial enterprises. International Solar PV Conference The international conference ‘The Solar Future: Denmark’ takes place on 21 March 2013 in Copenhagen. The focus of the conference will be the new conditions and opportunities in the Danish Solar PV market.

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