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        • Name: PV Junction Box 3 rail
        • No.: JB3C22

        Detail information of the solar junction box 3C22:


        1 easily accessible,Simple,fast and cost-effective assembly;
        2. Simplifying,low profile design;
        3. High current carrying capacity;
        4. Good thermal balance;
        5. Apply to the Crystalline PV module;
        6. 3 internal rails. 



        Rated current: 10A

        Rail :Max.3

        Rated voltage: 600V/1000V

        Suitable cable: OD4.5-7.8


        Contact resistance of plug connector:0.5mΩ

        Suitable connector:MC3.0 or MC4.0

        Contact material: Copper, Tin plated

        Contact material: Copper, Tin Plated

        Insulation material: PPO

        Insulation material: PPO

        Degree of protection: IP2*/IP65

        Safety class: II

        Flame class: UL94-V0

        Temperature range:-40~+110 degree