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Product introduction

  • Product Size:2.5mm2 4mm2 6mm2
  • Product material:Solar Cable Alligator Clip
  • Anderson connectors are widely used in telecommunication equipmentcomputercontrollersalarm securityappliance instruments and fields.
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Product Description:

Anderson SB50 with alligator clip
Genuine Anderson SB50 with alligator clip.

Fitted with 6mm2 (#10 AWG) cable
Rated up to 50Amps

Suitable for 6V, 12V, 24V or 48V applications.
Used widely on golf buggies, battery pedal cars, battery chargers and traffic management systems.
The cable is 6mm² 10 AWG suitable for 50A current systems, and the length is approx 600mm. This assembly cab be plugged straight into another Grey Anderson SB50 connector.

Genuine 50amp Compatible Anderson plug Jump Leads
1. Manufactured using hydraulically operated crimping tools for a secure connection at both ends
2. Two metres of stranded high flexible copper cable
3. Easy and safe connection and disconnection
4. Battery plug, jump connector for batteries, jump leads, race cars, boats, trucks, forklifts etc.
5. We have used these on everything from club sport saloons, formula fords, drag bikes and cars right up to Formula 2.
6. Can be suitable for almost any vehicle. Make jump starting or assist battery charging quick, easy and safe

Compatible Anderson Plugs:

· Light and durable polycarbonate housing

· Silver plated copper terminals

· Approx Dimensions (mm): 36 x 47

· Crocodile clamps: 170 amp

· Heavy Duty

· Insulated handles

· Current: 50 amps

· Voltage: 600 Volts (Max)



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