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In that case the photovoltaic industry chain seemed to appear overnight instead. Recently, the national first photovoltaic franchise bidding the dunhuang 10 megawatts stream-grid (pv) power project, the management has already announced profits realized, China photovoltaic power station in “good investment time”.
Photovoltaic industry chain, pv industry profits start downstream of the upper reaches of the precipitation photovoltaic battery manufacturing industry is facing the embarrassment of courage. Recently, crystal solar polysilicon huge suntech power and other enterprise of Australia in the second quarter earnings, the enterprise all appear different degree of display net loss.

“D LDK, get together the photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises such as xin association began to downstream field for vertical integration to break through this industry.

Power station investment “spring”

In 2009, dunhuang 10 megawatts grid (pv) power projects as the domestic photovoltaic (pv) grid power market, the first piece of franchise bidding test-bed for way attracted 68 domestic enterprises enterprise eyes, famous photovoltaic, finally widely nuclear energy development Co., LTD., jiangsu immortal DE solar technology Co., LTD and Belgium (yi) company of the formation of the consortium, the fly Enfinity 1.0928 yuan/degrees this controversial bid price of success.

“The actual cost electricity should be in 1.5 yuan, so the price of 1.09 yuan only is a symbol, the enterprise did not profit.” At that time, a photovoltaic enterprise controller, angrily say.

From the end of December 2010, officially grid generation so far, this project has been generating nearly 16 million degrees. “1.09 yuan, the price of electricity to send 20 million kilowatt-hours of electricity every year, every year estimated earnings will be more than 20 million yuan, the project is a decent return.” Yi jianlian greater China business news President fly ZhangZhen China reporter said, only 10 megawatts to dunhuang project, the third land for examination and approval, they decided to 56-point thrashing in the rest of the land, to create two nine megawatts of project.

Dunhuang 10 megawatts grid (pv) power project, but our country a microcosm of photovoltaic power station.

“The village is not shop, I have no construction.” Domestic investors photovoltaic power is to tell a reporter, he can at hand of photovoltaic project built grid. According to the national development and reform commission, because solar photovoltaic power generation about perfect the power of the relevant policy the notice, before 1 July 2011, approved December 31, construction project put into production 1.15 yuan per degree electricity, it is 1 yuan. “From the current market conditions, nowadays year grid internal rate of return reach 12% ~ 15%, or even $1 per degree price and the internal rate of return can also get 10%.”

The current longyuan guodian, electric power, energy saving, in actual nuclear etc widely people’s developers quickly in gansu, ningxia, qinghai, including engineering, construction period, and at the end of the drive domestic pv generating capacity reached 1.5 mw or achieve wide.

Uneven and industrial chain

Photovoltaic power operation “good” suddenly, let photovoltaic power station is a kind of investment. So since always, due to the investment capital is recovered in long, photovoltaic power station, is the enterprise investment “hot potato”.

Why suddenly realize the “hot potato photovoltaic power” to “sweet fair luxuriant turn?

The personage inside course of study thinks, the cost of photovoltaic power station fell sharply, profit is the main reason for the promotion. “Now pv modules prices fall, the most tender price many in every 8.5 yuan fluctuation, make whole low cost 20% ~ 30% than the original.” The above photovoltaic power station say of excitement, now investors photovoltaic power station “who make money”.

Photovoltaic power station on the tariff, also let a photovoltaic power station to see the dawn.

But, photovoltaic industry chain upstream and downstream enterprise is experiencing ice hot flame. According to the American public optoelectronic enterprise recently issued the second quarter earnings, suntech power, China sunergy, jing Macao solar energy and so on the enterprise all in the quarter in the $16.9 million to $35.4 million net loss of different level, reduce the pv modules, component product shipment average selling prices fall, the more led to yingli new energy, pv by gross profit margin in the same period last year more than 30% fall from 20% to.

These photovoltaic industry chain in the upstream of the production enterprise, is considered the most the cold winter. “Because the European cuts in subsidies, the export market for solar power prices to a rapidly weak; plus photovoltaic enterprise in 2010, photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise the dilemma facing the expansion, crazy for supply, many home photovoltaic enterprise share price beauty also among the collective slump after the release performance. And domestic pv the demand of the market accounts for only 10% of the sales they, not enough to support its performance.

“From the age of small profit windfall profits pv era, the industry’s profits from the beginning of the production process, the terminal market change.” In China, it seemed, WangHaiSheng combination negotiable securities analysts photovoltaic market next year the end of winter, component prices should be decreased by 10% ~ 15%, and some European countries and parts of China in the next two years, will be on the Internet, and returned to the user parity the fast growth the orbit. “This means that the production of the middle part will be faced with falling prices and the integration of downstream pressure, but the domestic power station investors will have a great chance of.”

Because of this, the domestic pv manufacturing enterprise, has started in photovoltaic power station layout, and actively extensions industrial chain.

The whole industry chain layout

Recently, the solar energy production enterprise, “d polysilicon LDK announced datang international power generation Co., LTD, signing the project contract (EPC) contract in China, qinghai province 20 megawatts of solar energy development projects.

In addition, polycrystalline silicon giant gather xin also began to the power of the association. Recently, President of group of foxconn an anecdotal, he expanded, get together the association President of group of mountain and sea xin, solar YangHuaiJin CEO three head embellish ready to create an empire of the sun.

Gather xin bad association (China) engineering Co., LTD. Executives to reporters confirm the above information. “Sea embellish are talking about, not realizing specific cooperation. But foxconn cooperation plan, already had one

It is reported, gather xin group, foxconn association recently in datong group in the new energy and new industrial strategy cooperation project signing ceremony, the project including chemical level industrial silicon, polycrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon solar energy cell, components, foaming and renewable energy sources such as solar, will build from raw material processing of the application of solar photovoltaic industry products after the completion of the complete chain, the annual production value amount to 80 billion yuan.

“He expanded and zhu’s home, choose the mountain in his hometown, shaanxi, shanxi investment we established the joint development group in Shanxi Province LiXiaoPeng vice governor as a leader in shanxi coordination group held regularly, meeting.” Contact the above association xin executives say.

But extend the industrial chain attempt for photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise, the downstream is not only an opportunity but also a more challenging job

“Power station investment and short, flat, rapid manufacturing are worlds apart. Investment need capital chain and power station the investment capital can be recovered, need to solve the big money long, on photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise capital strength and financing ability is a great test.” Energy saving technology used in solar technology Co., LTD. A controller to reporters said.

In WangHaiSheng opinion, enterprise blindly pursuing the pv extend the industrial chain vertical integration, like its integration of responsibility, a link in the industry of the lowest single cost. “I like a link in the future professional company, and through the specialized company between strategic cooperation, cooperation, perhaps is a ideal the whole industry chain layout.”

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