Congratulations! Slocable has got the newest TUV 1500V certificate for MC4 connectors


Slocable has got the newest TUV 1500V certificate (IEC62852 and EN62852) for MC4 connectors .

Our Slocable MC4 connectors can reach 1500V and IP68 highest waterproof level.

MC4 Solar Connector is specialized used in Solar PV system between the solar panel and Inverter or controller box. They’re  UV resistance and IP68 waterproof ,can be working outdoor for 25years.

There are many advantages of MC4 solar connectors, and it’s becoming the main connectors to connect the whole solar system.

·High Protection and Safety in Use  

·Compatible for all kinds of MC4 connector,like Multic Contact,Amphenol,Sunclix

·Simply assembly and quick operation

· Mating safety provided by keyed housings

· Multiple plugging and unplugging cycles

· Accommodates PV cables with different insulation diameters

· High current carrying capacity


MC4 solar connector single core 2 Slocable solar products


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