Japan’s largest solar and energy storage plant is now in operation

SB Energy, a subsidiary of SoftBank, a Japanese multinational group holding company, has launched a 102.3 MW solar park built on 132 hectares of land near Hachiko, Hokkaido, the largest and northernmost prefecture in Japan.


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Softbank has supplied power to a 102.3 MW solar park and has 27 MWh of lithium-ion storage capacity. The project is built on 132 hectares of land near Yakumo Town on the northern island of Hokkaido.

The power plant has a lithium-ion storage capacity of 27 MWh, making it the country’s largest solar + energy storage operating power plant.

The facility is called Softbank Yakumo Solar Park and is owned by Hokkaido Yakumo Solar Park Co., Ltd., which is a joint venture between SB Energy and the Bank of Japan, which holds Mitsubishi UFJ Leasing and Finance Co., Ltd. enterprise.

All the electricity generated by the plant will be sold to the local utility Hokkaido Electric Power Company at an unspecified price. The total power generation is expected to provide electricity to approximately 27,965 households each year. The project was developed based on Japan’s solar feed-in tariff plan. No detailed information was provided on the photovoltaic and storage technologies used in the project.

On the island of Hokkaido, another large-scale solar + energy storage project is currently being developed. Real estate developer Tokyu Land is building a 92 MW solar cell and has a lithium ion storage capacity of 25.3 MWh.


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Real estate developer Tokyu Land has revealed that it plans to cooperate with Japan’s Mitsubishi UFJ Leasing and Finance Corporation and Japan Green Power Development Corporation to combine 92 MW of solar energy in Hokkaido, northern Japan, with 25.3 MWh of lithium ion storage capacity. pair.

According to an online statement, the construction of the 92.3 MW array started in July and is scheduled to be completed in fiscal year 2019. The device is being built on 163 hectares of land near the city. Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank will provide funding for the project, but did not disclose financial details.

In August, Tokyu Land and developer Renewable Japan announced plans to jointly develop 250 MW of photovoltaic power generation capacity in the country.

According to the analysis of the micro-lithium battery group, the purpose of using storage in these projects is to reduce the output fluctuations of the island’s power grid. The island is developing and building a large number of renewable energy projects, but the grid capacity is limited.




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