The 2018 10th Guangzhou Solar Exhibition Review

From August 16th to 18th, the three-day Guangzhou Solar Exhibition ended successfully.

Let’s have a review about the performance of Slocable.


August 15th: still preparing the booth15633517816901431563351782449639

On the second day, there are many foreigners from other continents. We introduced our new 1500V solar connectors and solar cables. We exchanged the business cards. We will build a long term cooperation after this photovoltaic expo.

The Third Day:

We are too busy to take some pictures. Many our domestic customers came to ask for some informations of new products.

So if you needs some specifications of our new 1500V products, just call us (+86 0769-22010201) or email us (

I think that you have noticed there is an equipment of water and a table lamp in almost every picture.

This thing: ↓↓↓1563351927120248

This is a test for our MC4 waterproof capacity (IP68). You can see that our MC4 is soaking in the water and the lamp is still working for continuous 3 days.

We have a video to show you that our MC4 is submerged indefinitely without watering for consecutive 15 days.
We will show you the video in the next news.

Our IP68 MC4 meets the new standard, which is safer and better than others in the market.

So if you needs some specifications of our new IP68 MC4, just call us (+86 0769-22010201) or email us (


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