What is the aircon isolator switch and what are the benefits?

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What is the aircon isolator switch?

        The aircon isolator switch is a switch device that isolates a specific circuit for maintenance and prevents the passage of current. The main isolating switch, also called an isolator, is usually composed of two sets (or one set) of electrical contacts installed in series, and the line side is connected to the power source outside the building. The air-conditioner isolator switch is an important part of the air-conditioning system, which can isolate the electrical input and output of the equipment, prevent the air-conditioning from power consumption when the air-conditioning is not in use, and also help to avoid expensive maintenance costs.


Slocable air conditioner isolator switch


What is the function of the aircon isolator switch?

        In order to ensure safety and reduce the risk of electrical problems, the aircon isolator switch is installed on the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, which can prevent any potential current from flowing into the unmaintained circuit by cutting off all power flowing to the circuit. The air conditioner owner can disconnect the equipment when needed to protect it from dangerous situations such as heavy rain or lightning strikes.

        The air-conditioner isolator switch can also prevent the home safety switch from tripping repeatedly when the air-conditioning system fails. It can disconnect the power supply and the device at the moment the device encounters any abnormal electrical failure or failure. This can save the cost of maintaining the air-conditioning and prevent Damage to other parts of the house.

        In this way, there will be no safety risks such as ground fault interruption. For example, during a thunderstorm, an electric shock caused people to be injured or electrocuted when using electrical appliances near a water source.



        Therefore, it is recommended to use an air-conditioner isolator switch during the air conditioner installation process to prevent tripping due to air conditioner failure. In this way, you can disconnect the power supply before causing a major failure, and will not interrupt service while waiting for repairs. The aircon isolator switch is an essential AC component that can help you save electricity bills and extend the service life of the air conditioner. If you have any questions, please contact us for more detailed information about the air conditioner isolation switch and its working principle!


Note: The function of the isolating switch is to disconnect the circuit with no load current, so that the equipment under inspection has an obvious disconnection point from the power supply, so as to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel. The isolating switch has no special arc extinguishing device and cannot cut off the load current and short-circuit current. Therefore, the isolating switch can be operated only when the circuit is opened by the circuit breaker.

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