When encountering sandy weather, how to maintain the photovoltaic power station?

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        Northwest China has the richest solar energy resources in China. It has a dry climate, very little rainfall, and direct sunlight for a long time. Many large-scale photovoltaic projects are built here. However, frequent sand and dust weather caused great trouble for solar power generation. When encountering a sandstorm, the power generation effect is greatly reduced, increasing the cost of power generation, and also affecting the life of photovoltaic modules; in addition, after the sandstorm, the sand and dust covered on the photovoltaic panels need to be cleaned up, and the water consumption and working hours are also very alarming.

        So, when encountering sandy weather, how to maintain our photovoltaic power station?


1. Pay attention to the cleaning time and frequency of photovoltaic power plants

        Photovoltaic power plants work under light conditions. Under strong light, photovoltaic power plants produce high voltages and large currents. If they are cleaned up at this time, they may easily cause safety hazards. Generally speaking, cleaning operations such as dust removal for photovoltaic power stations are chosen in the early morning or evening time, because the working efficiency of the power station during these periods is low, the loss of power generation is small, and the components can be effectively prevented from being blocked by shadows.
In addition, due to the consideration of power generation efficiency and cleaning cost, the dust removal and cleaning of solar panels should not be too frequent. Generally, cleaning 2-3 times a month can keep them working efficiently. In the event of a sandstorm similar to this one, the cleaning frequency must be increased to reduce the loss of power generation.


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2. Avoid flushing directly with water

        Because sand and dust weather mostly occurs in winter and spring, the temperature is low, and the temperature at night may even be around zero. If it is washed with water, it is easy to freeze on the surface of the photovoltaic module, which may cause damage such as cracks. In addition, in the water cleaning process, it is necessary to avoid direct water to get wet to the junction box, which may cause leakage risk. The sprinkler system can be used, and the tedious manual cleaning can be avoided.


3. Operators need to pay attention to safety

        When cleaning the components, be careful not to be scratched by the sharp corners of the components and the bracket, and take protective measures when removing dust. The solar dc cables placed outside are connected to modules and inverters. As time goes by, the outer skin of the cables may be exposed. Therefore, when cleaning, check the condition of the cables first and remove the hidden danger of leakage before proceeding clean. In addition, for photovoltaic panels installed on sloping roofs, it is necessary to pay more attention to the risk of people stepping down or sliding down when cleaning.


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        Most of the large-scale ground-based power stations in Northwest China are located in desert areas, and sandstorms are almost commonplace. Most photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance personnel have developed a set of relatively mature response measures to ensure personnel safety and reduce the impact of sandstorms.
In fact, to do a good job in dust removal of photovoltaic power station is not only helpful to prolong the service life of power station and improve power generation efficiency, but also to install photovoltaic power station in desert area, which is a good “sand control project“.
        First of all, the foundation piles of photovoltaic power generation panels can play a good role in sand fixation; after large-scale installation of power generation panels, the ground plants will block excessive sunlight during the day, and the use of photovoltaic module panels to shield direct sunlight effectively reduces the evaporation of surface water. The shading effect of the board can reduce the evaporation by 20% to 30%, and effectively reduce the wind speed. This can very well improve the living environment of plants. The combination of solar water pumps and fine drip irrigation can also provide sustainable development power for the improvement of deserts. With the increase in the power of photovoltaic modules, the income of power generation will also continue to increase, which will bring more and higher environmental and economic benefits to photovoltaic power stations.



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