• 2022-07-05

    Difference between solar cable and normal cableDifference between solar cable and normal cable

    Photovoltaic cable is also a special photovoltaic cable, mainly used in photovoltaic power stations, with high temperature, cold, oil, acid and alkali resistance, anti-ultraviolet, flame-retardant environmental protection, long service life, etc.  Common models are PV1-F, H1Z2Z2-K. PV cables are...
  • 2022-05-19

    What is a Solar PV Combiner Box?What is a Solar PV Combiner Box?

          The role of the solar PV combiner box is to bring together the output of several solar strings. The conductors of each string land on a fuse terminal, and the output from the fuse input are combined into a single conductor that connects to the solar combiner box and inverter. Once you have...
  • 2021-11-26

    The Difference Between DC fuse Holder and Miniature Circuit BreakerThe Difference Between DC fuse Holder and Miniature Circuit Breaker

            The DC fuse holder is usually installed in the circuit and used in order to ensure the safety of the circuit during the operation of an important electrical component. DC fuses are protectors that can provide short-circuit protection, and are widely used in power distribution systems, con...
  • 2021-08-05

    How to Select Energy Storage ConnectorHow to Select Energy Storage Connector

    With the increasing market demand for connectors, a wide variety of connectors have emerged, and the most common connectors such as high current connector, storage device connector or storage battery connector. In general, the basic performance of connectors can be divided into three categories: ...
  • 2021-08-04

    The advantages of energy storage cablesThe advantages of energy storage cables

    The reason why standard energy storage cables are used is determined by the working conditions of the cables Let’s take a look at the operating environment and the laying characteristics of the energy storage cable. The main characteristics of the energy storage cable are that the application is ...
  • 2021-07-16

    Integrated Solar PV Junction Box and Split Junction BoxIntegrated Solar PV Junction Box and Split Junction Box

            Solar PV junction box is a connecting device between the solar cell array formed by solar cell modules and the solar charging control device. Its main function is to connect and protect the solar photovoltaic module, and connect the power generated by the solar cell to the external circui...
  • 2021-07-12

    What is a Rubber Flex Cable?What is a Rubber Flex Cable?

            Rubber flex cable is also known as rubber sheathed cable or rubber power cord. Rubber flex cable is a kind of cable extruded from double insulation material. The conductor is usually made of copper material, and in most cases, pure copper-stranded wire is used as the conductor.         Du...
  • 2021-07-06

    Solar cell array: Anti-Reverse Diode and Bypass DiodeSolar cell array: Anti-Reverse Diode and Bypass Diode

            In the solar cell square array, the diode is a very common device. The commonly used diodes are basically silicon rectifier diodes. When selecting, leave a margin in the specifications to prevent breakdown damage. Generally, the reverse peak breakdown voltage and maximum operating current...
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