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Slocable Energy Storage Connector for Energy Storage System

  • Current:120A~300Amax
  • Voltage:1500V
  • Application:Energy Storage System/New Energy Electric Vehicle
  • Slocable Energy Storage Connectors meet customers’ important technical indicators such as plugging force, insulation resistance, dielectric strength, and temperature rise through professional CAE simulation design, and are widely used in energy storage, new energy vehicles and other industries.

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Technical Data

 Product name:  Energy storage   connector  Shielding:  non-Shielding
 Rated current:  120A/200A/300A  Insertion force:  Max. 35N
 Rated Voltage:  1500V DC  Withdrawal force:  Min. 8.5N
 Test voltage:  5kV  Ambient temperature  range:  -40℃~+125℃
 Contact resistance:  ≤0.5mΩ  Insulation resistance:  ≥500MΩ
 Waterproof protection:  IP67  Connecting system:  Crimping connection
 Overvoltage degree:  CATIII/2  Suitable cable cross  section:  16/25/35/50/70/90/120mm2


Product Features

1. Small size, fast and convenient connection, using right-angle structure to save wiring space;
2. It has the function of preventing misplugging of positive and negative poles, preventing the risk of short circuits and arcing caused by misplugging. At the same time, it can be rotated 360°, which is convenient for multi-directional installation and outlet;
3. It adopts a built-in connection and locking mechanism, which can be operated by one hand and can be automatically locked;
4. Possess excellent protection against electric shock.


Battery Electrode Energy Storage Connector for Free Wiring

        Devices and cable connectors with polarity reversal protection are very suitable for energy storage systems. These connectors use rotatable design, touch protection and mechanical coding to provide maximum flexibility and safety when connecting battery poles.

· Can be rotated 360°: ideal for flexible cable outlets
· Error-free insertion: battery connection prevents polarity reversal by mechanical coding
· Safe installation: even when not plugged in, the battery terminals are protected from touch
· Multiple color versions: easy to identify battery poles



energy storage connector application

If you want to know the advantages of energy storage connectors, please click this news: Slocable has successfully developed the special connector for energy storage


Battery pole connectors and bus bar connectors for energy storage

We Slocable is the professional OEM & OEM manufacturer for Solar Cable and MC4 Solar Connector.

We can supply various packages like cable rolls, cartons, wooden drums, reels and pallets for different meters as you request.

We can also supply different options of shipment for solar cable and MC4 connector all over the world, like DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, ARAMEX, FOB, CIF, DDP by sea, by air and so on.

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solar cable and mc4 connector shipping
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Products Application

The advantage of Solar power station: Safety in use, pollution-free, noise-free, high-quality power energy, no limit for the resource distribution area, no waste of fuel and short-term construction. That’s why Solar power is becoming the most popular and promoted energy all over the world.

solar panel connection

solar pv application

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