The Benefits of Using Anderson Plug Battery Connector on Car

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        Let’s imagine, what if there is no charging plug or power connector? If the circuits are to be permanently connected with continuous conductors, for example, if an electronic device is to be connected to a power source, the two ends of the connecting wire must be fixedly connected to the electronic device and the power source by a certain method (such as welding).

        This has caused a lot of inconveniences, both in production and in use. Take the car battery as an example, assuming that the battery cable is fixed and welded to the battery, the car manufacturer increases the workload for installing the battery, increasing the production time and cost. When the battery is damaged and needs to be replaced, the car has to be sent to a repair station, the old one is stripped and welded, and then a new one is welded. This requires a lot of labor costs. With an Anderson battery plug, you can save a lot of trouble. Buy a new battery from the store, disconnect the battery plug, remove the old battery, install a new battery, and reconnect the Anderson battery plug. This simple example illustrates the benefits of Anderson plugs. It makes the design and production process more flexible and convenient, and reduces production and maintenance costs.


The Benefits of Anderson Plug Battery Connector

1. Improve Design Flexibility

        The use of an Anderson battery plug allows engineers to have greater flexibility when designing and integrating new products and when composing systems with components.

2. Improve the Production Process

        The battery Anderson plug simplifies the assembly process of electronic products, and also simplifies the mass production process.

3. Easy to Upgrade

        With the advancement of technology, components installed with Anderson connectors can be updated and replaced with more complete components.

4. Easy to Repair

        If an electronic component fails, the failed component can be quickly replaced when the Anderson plug is installed.


Slocable anderson plug battery connector for car


        Anderson plug battery connector is not the plug we usually use, it is a kind of car plug, especially used in the car. The vehicles that can be used include electric vehicles, sightseeing vehicles, forklifts, golf carts, etc., and even mechanical equipment such as vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, and electric wheelchairs. What types of Anderson battery plugs are available, what are their characteristics and how should we install, pin and tie them when using Anderson plugs?


Anderson Battery Plug Types:

Single pole Anderson plug: The specifications are 45A, 75A, 120A, and 180A. High current capacity, small size, can be assembled freely, AC and DC dual purpose;

Dual Anderson plug: The specifications are 50A, 120A, 175A, 350A. Positive and negative design, two-hole mating, silver-plated terminal design, matching handle;

Three-pole Anderson plug: Specifications are 50A, 175A 600V. Suitable for three-phase AC/DC product connection;

Dual Anderson plug with contacts: The specifications are 175A+45A. Two-pole main contact + two-pole auxiliary contact, suitable for battery energization and for monitoring the temperature rise of the battery.


Main Features of Anderson Battery Connectors

        The shell is made of polycarbonate material, resistant to high temperature and corrosion; using eye-catching color coding, and different colors, the connector interface is different to prevent misplugging; the hardware terminal is silver-plated copper, with excellent conductivity; the hardware shrapnel has a positioning slot, It can prevent the terminal from moving left and right to ensure good contact; the connector is designed without separation of male and female, which is conducive to reducing inventory; the connector has a high fire rating.


Slocable solar mc4 to anderson powerpole connector adapter cable


        When inserting the pin connection into the socket of the battery Anderson connector, be sure to observe whether the latch is snapped shut. When servicing the waterproof plug, special care must be taken not to allow oil or water to enter the interior of the socket; otherwise, it must be cleaned and dried before reconnection. The Anderson plug instruction manual is described below.

        When using various circuit testing instruments, you should first understand their working principles and conditions of use, and it is strictly prohibited to use unreasonably; when measuring voltage and current, you should select an appropriate measurement range to avoid damage to the meter; it is strictly forbidden to measure voltage in the current and resistance range; Before measuring, please confirm whether the testing instrument you are using is normal.

        Correctly bundle the harness and wires: keep them as far away from moving parts as possible to prevent pulling and wear; avoid hard bending and bending of the harness; avoid friction with sharp metal edges; keep them as far away as possible from oil and water; keep them as far away as possible from high current connector temperature parts (e.g. engine body).

        If you want to customize Anderson solar extension cable according to your needs, please contact us.

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