• Why photovoltaic power generation can occupy a leading position in renewable energy power generation?
            Consumers, industries, and governments are all taking measures to increase the use of renewable energy. This is pushing the power generation and distribution system from a centralized hub-and-spoke architecture to a more grid-based localized power generation and consumption, and stable su...
  • Longi and Sungrow has cross-industry one after another, consolidating share price or diversifying its layout?
            After the surge in new installed capacity in 2020, photovoltaics play an increasingly important role in renewable energy, and photovoltaic companies have also become the focus of attention from all walks of life.         However, recently, Xi’an Longi Green Energy Venture Capital Ma...
  • How to Make MC4 Connectors?
            Most of the larger solar panels with a power rating of more than 50 watts already have MC4 connectors. MC4 is the name of all solar panel connection types, which stands for “4mm multi-contact”. It is a circular plastic housing developed by Multi-Contact Corporation, with a sin...
  • Module shipments in the Vietnam market: Jinko first, followed by JA and Longi
            A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam and the official website of Clean Energy Associate Vietnam Energy Online released a market report on component shipments in Vietnam in 2020.   Image Source: Vietnam Energy Online           According to data, JinkoSolar topped ...
  • Will 1500V energy storage become the mainstream in the future?
    Slocable 1500V Solar DC Cable           At the beginning of 2020, Sungrow announced that it would transplant its 1500V energy storage technology, which has been overseas for many years, to China; at major exhibitions in the second half of the year, head inverter companies exhibited 1500V energy ...
  • Italy has developed a solar module that can maintain an initial efficiency of 90% at 85°C
            Introduction: A research team led by Tor Vergata University in Rome, Italy has produced a peroxide solar module with a total effective area of 42.8 cm2 and an aperture area of 50 square centimeters. The solar panel consists of 14 series of peroxide batteries with 20% efficiency in series....
              When connecting Slocable solar pv system, the most ideal approach to add assurance is by using fuses or circuit breakers. The correct use of fuses and circuit breakers is important to maintain safety. Fuses and circuit breakers are used to protect the wiring from getting excessively ho...
  • How terrible is the damaged PV module?  (With solution)
            People often have a misunderstanding that as long as the solar panel is damaged, it can’t work, and naturally it can’t generate any current. The following experiment tells us that this is the beginning of the danger.         How terrible is a broken solar panel? Watch the vide...

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