• The Difference Between DC fuse Holder and Miniature Circuit Breaker
            The DC fuse holder is usually installed in the circuit and used in order to ensure the safety of the circuit during the operation of an important electrical component. DC fuses are protectors that can provide short-circuit protection, and are widely used in power distribution systems, con...
  • How to Assemble Anderson Powerpole Plugs?
            Putting the Anderson powerpole connector housings together and then putting the connector pins in makes it easier to assemble, especially when using heavy paired wire.         Before soldering or crimping the contacts to the heavy paired wire, adjust the orientation of the contacts so tha...
  • How to Choose the Right Solar String Combiner Box for a PV System?
        After selecting solar panels, PV cables, inverters and other battery or storage devices, you don’t want to accidentally ruin your entire setup by choosing the wrong combiner box. When choosing a solar string combiner box, the type, size and scope of the project are critical, and what wo...
  • How to Choose Solar DC Surge Protector Device?
            What is the role of solar DC surge protectors? I think most electrical designers are very clear. Lightning as a serious natural disaster, the occurrence of lightning-caused by transient overvoltage overcurrent is very easy to cause damage to the building’s electrical equipment, espe...
  • What is the MC4 to XT60 Solar Panel Charging Cable?
    What is the MC4 to XT60 Connector? The MC4 to XT60 connector is an electrical connector that can be used in photovoltaic applications. MC4 connector is a multi-contact waterproof and dustproof connector commonly used in photovoltaic systems, while the XT60 connector is a popular general electrica...
  • What Should be Considered Before Buy a PV DC Disconnect Switch?
        In a PV installation, the DC disconnect switch is like an airbag in a car. The IEC 60364-7-712 standard requires the use of PV DC disconnect switches between the PV array and the inverter. Slocable DC disconnect switches are specifically designed to disconnect DC/AC inverters from solar panel...
  • Is it Better to Connect Solar Panels in Series or Parallel?
        How you choose to wire your solar panel is actually important, and it affects the performance of your system and the inverter you will be able to use.   What is Solar Panel in Series?     When you connect the MC4 positive terminal of one solar panel to the MC4 negative terminal of the other s...
  • What is a Solar Panel DC Isolator Switch? How to Choose this Isolator Switch?
              Isolator switch is a high-voltage switchgear, mainly used in high-voltage circuits. It is a switchgear without arc extinguishing device, mainly used to disconnect the circuit without load current, isolate the power supply, and have an obvious disconnection point in the open state to en...

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