• The Killer of Photovoltaic Power Plants-DC Arc
            Because of the requirements of carbon neutrality and carbon peaking, the new energy industry is now particularly popular. Everyone is increasingly agreeing with photovoltaic power stations, and more and more people are entering the photovoltaic industry. However, the level of people engag...
  • What Can You Plug into a Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Connector?
            For decades, car cigarette lighter socket connectors have been the main product of automobiles. In the past, it actually contained a working lighter designed for lighting. However, it is now being reused as an accessory socket to power phones, seat heaters and other electronic devices. Be...
  • How to Assemble Anderson Powerpole Plugs?
            Putting the Anderson powerpole connector housings together and then putting the connector pins in makes it easier to assemble, especially when using heavy paired wire.         Before soldering or crimping the contacts to the heavy paired wire, adjust the orientation of the contacts so tha...
  • The Benefits of Using Anderson Plug Battery Connector on Car
            Let’s imagine, what if there is no charging plug or power connector? If the circuits are to be permanently connected with continuous conductors, for example, if an electronic device is to be connected to a power source, the two ends of the connecting wire must be fixedly connected t...
  • Slocable has successfully applied for TUV and CE certificates for AC/DC circuit breakers and AC/DC isolator switches!
            Slocable was established in 2008. After 14 years of continuous development and innovation, Slocable has become a leading manufacturer of solar energy products in China. At present, our company has successfully applied for TUV and CE certificates for AC circuit breakers, DC circuit breaker...
  • PV DC Connectors Not To Be Ignored In Solar Photovoltaic Station
            With the support of various policies, the construction of photovoltaic power plants is in full swing, and safety issues are the top priority. The report shows that in the loss of power generation revenue caused by the risk of failure of the TOP20 technology of the power station, the damag...
  • The Difference Between DC fuse Holder and Miniature Circuit Breaker
            The DC fuse holder is usually installed in the circuit and used in order to ensure the safety of the circuit during the operation of an important electrical component. DC fuses are protectors that can provide short-circuit protection, and are widely used in power distribution systems, con...
  • What is the MC4 Inline Fuse Connector? What’s the Function?
            MC4 inline fuse connector is a protection device for electrical and electronic components. This connector protects the fuse and is usually waterproof. The waterproof rating of Slocable’s MC4 inline fuse connector is IP68.         In the construction of traditional photovoltaic power...

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