• The invisible killer of photovoltaic power station safety——Connector mixed insertion
              The solar cell is one of the core components in the solar power generation system, and a solar cell can only generate a voltage of about 0.5-0.6 volts, which is far lower than the voltage required for actual use. In order to meet the needs of practical applications, multiple solar...
  • “Carbon Neutral” Goal to Promote the Development of Photovoltaic Industry
              As the carbon peak in 2030 and the goal of carbon neutrality in 2060 are proposed, it indicates that the era of new energy with solar photovoltaic power generation as the main driving force has come.         Solar energy is the cleanest, safest and most reliable energy source. The...
  • The Consequences of Ignoring the Quality of Solar MC4 Connectors are Disastrous!
              With the continuous development of the internal photovoltaic market, the demand for photovoltaic junction boxes and connectors continues to grow. However, because of the low-cost ratio and the “inconspicuous” function, the quality of junction boxes and connectors has b...
  • 2021-01-13
    Musk is an entrepreneur with dreams. For example, through SpaceX, he hopes to reduce the cost of space rocket launches and send some humans to settle on Mars. In addition, through solar power generation systems and the promotion of electric vehicles, he hopes to reduce carbon dioxide. Emissions, ...
  • Ten Trends of Household Solar and Energy Storage Systems in the U.S. Market in 2021
                Barry Cinnamon, CEO of California energy developer Cinnamon Energy Systems, reviewed the development of the energy storage industry in 2020, said: “2020 is a bad year for many organizations and people, but for the solar power and energy storage industries Fortunately, users...
  • Tesla’s Mass Production of Solar Cars: A New Energy Path from Roof to Car Roof
              When Tesla CyberTruck begins to be officially delivered in the second half of 2021, it should become the world’s first mass-produced solar pickup truck, because it can be equipped with car roof solar panels to bask in the sun and provide 15 miles of range per day.         Tesla m...

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