• 2021-07-16

    Integrated PV Junction Box and Split Junction BoxIntegrated PV Junction Box and Split Junction Box

            PV junction box is a connecting device between the solar cell array formed by solar cell modules and the solar charging control device. Its main function is to connect and protect the solar photovoltaic module, and connect the power generated by the solar cell to the external circuit. Con...
  • 2021-07-12

    What is a rubber cable?What is a rubber cable?

            Rubber cable is also known as rubber sheathed cable or rubber power cord. Rubber cable is a kind of cable extruded from double insulation material. The conductor is usually made of copper material, and in most cases, pure copper-stranded wire is used as the conductor.         Due to the s...
  • 2021-07-06

    Solar cell array: anti-reverse diode and bypass diodeSolar cell array: anti-reverse diode and bypass diode

            In the solar cell square array, the diode is a very common device. The commonly used diodes are basically silicon rectifier diodes. When selecting, leave a margin in the specifications to prevent breakdown damage. Generally, the reverse peak breakdown voltage and maximum operating current...
  • 2021-07-02

    Solar cable types-how to choose between copper core and aluminum core?Solar cable types-how to choose between copper core and aluminum core?

            In photovoltaic projects, the choice of copper core cable or aluminum core cable is a long-standing problem. Let’s take a look at their differences and advantages.     The difference between copper core and aluminum core 1. The colors of the two cores are different. 2. The aluminum...
  • 2021-06-22

    The pain point of photovoltaic mc4 connector installation: CrimpingThe pain point of photovoltaic mc4 connector installation: Crimping

            With the rapid development of the distributed, especially household photovoltaic market in recent years, the quality problems of photovoltaic systems have become more and more prominent. A fire in a photovoltaic system will not only endanger personal safety, but also have a negative impac...
  • 2021-04-10

    How to Make MC4 Connectors?How to Make MC4 Connectors?

            Most of the larger solar panels with a power rating of more than 50 watts already have MC4 connectors. MC4 is the name of all solar panel connection types, which stands for “4mm multi-contact”. It is a circular plastic housing developed by Multi-Contact Corporation, with a sin...
  • 2021-04-01


              When connecting Slocable solar pv system, the most ideal approach to add assurance is by using fuses or circuit breakers. The correct use of fuses and circuit breakers is important to maintain safety. Fuses and circuit breakers are used to protect the wiring from getting excessively ho...
  • 2021-03-31

    How terrible is the damaged PV module? (With solution)How terrible is the damaged PV module?  (With solution)

            People often have a misunderstanding that as long as the solar panel is damaged, it can’t work, and naturally it can’t generate any current. The following experiment tells us that this is the beginning of the danger.         How terrible is a broken solar panel? Watch the vide...

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