What are the Advantages of PV Firefighter Safety Switches?

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    PV firefighter safety switch is an innovative solar panel shutdown solution compatible with all standard string inverters. At present, rooftop distributed photovoltaics have been widely used in China, the United States, Australia, Europe and Japan. How to ensure personal safety, how to prevent the fire risk of photovoltaic facilities, and how to ensure that non-professionals identify and cut off risks at the first time have become common concerns in all countries. Slocable is at the forefront of technologies developed specifically for the renewable energy market, especially solar energy, meeting the needs of safe and efficient DC switching, meeting the highest technical and commercial standards.

    For photovoltaic systems, there are two safety risks: “DC high voltage risk” and “rescue risk”. In the traditional series system, the total voltage of the entire series line can reach 600V~1000V. Due to the loose contact of photovoltaic connectors, poor contact, damped wires, and insulation rupture, it is easy to cause DC arcing, which may cause fires. In addition, when a fire accident occurs due to arc pulling or external causes, in the case of the DC side, current is generated as long as there is a light component. High voltage is always present. Fire fighting is very dangerous and firefighters are unable to rescue the scene and can only control the fire from a distance.


pv firefighter safety switch working diagram


    Slocable has launched DC isolator switches and PV firefighter safety switches according to market demand. In most PV systems, DC disconnect switches are integrated into the DC/AC power inverter, and their main purpose is to cut off the inverter DC during maintenance, but it can’t do anything about the DC (600~1500V) from the roof to the inverter section. The cables between the DC solar modules and the DC/AC power inverters are still subject to up to 1000 VDC while operating within the building after the DC disconnect switch is turned off. In the event of a fire, firefighters can be exposed to very serious potential hazards.

    The Slocable firefighter safety switch provides a solution where firefighters disconnect the AC power circuit before putting out a fire so that they can start fighting the fire without the risk of electrocution. The fire safety switch detects grid failure and automatically turns off the isolator switch after 5 seconds, creating a safer environment for firefighters. (AC power off = DC power off automatically; automatic reset when AC power is restored = DC power recovery) The PV fireman’s safety switch system can be quickly, completely and remotely disconnected from a PV installation with a simple action on the control panel interface, and can even be remotely actuated over a mobile phone network. By disconnecting the PV installations, no DC power is conducted from the PV array, and the high-voltage DC power from the PV modules will be completely isolated, which provides safe conditions for firefighters to extinguish fires and enter the building.


slocable pv firefighter safety switch rapid shutdown


The Advantages of Slocable PV Firefighter Safety Switch/Rapid Shutdown Switch:

1. A wide range of products to meet the requirements of various working conditions
2. Suitable for 600V/1000V/1500V photovoltaic system
3. Wider and larger current: up to 40A
4. Wider AC voltage range 100~270V AC
5. Motor driven switch disconnection
6. LED indicator, ON or OFF can easily identify the status
7. IP65 grade, fully suitable for outdoor installation
8. Knock outs | cable connector | MC4 connector / 1m AC cable optional, convenient for customer installation
9. Equipped with breathing valve to avoid conden-sation inside the enclosure
10. Built-in temperature sensor, automatic shutdown when over 80°C
11. Low noise during operation, does not affecting people’s normal life
12. Modular design of product components, quick and easy after-sales maintenance


    With excellent performance, fast delivery time and professional after-sales team to quickly respond to customer needs, Slocable’s firefighter safety switches sell well in the European market and continue to be well received by customers.

    Although we have automated production lines for mass production and a complete range of standard solutions, our customers also have special customized needs, and we will work with these customers to develop the best solution for their needs.

    Customer-specific needs may vary with specific assembly of existing materials, but may also involve the development of special knobs or mechanisms. Slocable is able to provide customers with a very comprehensive service, we have a team of engineers, designers and technicians.

    NEC2017 requires PV installations on all buildings to be able to quickly achieve module-level shutdown in emergency situations. NEC 2017 690.12 also has strict requirements for quick shutdown switches. The distance within 305mm from the photovoltaic array is the boundary. Within 30s after the quick turn-off device is started, the array voltage outside the boundary drops below 30V, and the voltage inside the boundary drops below 80V, that is, the panel-level shutdown is required. This requirement went into effect on January 1, 2019.

    After installing the PV firefighter safety switch, each photovoltaic module can be divided to avoid the danger of high voltage. In case of fire, the output voltage of the module can be cut off at the first time to ensure the safety of firefighters.


How to Choose the Right Firefighter Safety Switch Model:

1. Confirm the voltage and current required by the photovoltaic system
2. Interface requirements: Knockouts | Cable glands | MC4 connector optional
3. 1 meter AC cable required or not
4. 1~5 strings available

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