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Slocable Waterproof ABS Solar Double Cable Entry Gland for RV

  • Color:White
  • Junction Box Size:93(113)*99*51mm
  • Material:Waterproof ABS+UV resistant
  • Slocable Double Cable Entry Gland is suitable for most circular cables such as solar panels, DC power supplies, antennas, satellites, air conditioners, etc. This solar panel cable entry gland is used to install solar panels on the flat roofs of yachts, automobiles, and ships. It can be glued with silica gel or fixed with screws. The nut wrench is equipped with 24, and the perforation diameter is 8-10 mm.

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  • Introduction

  • Packing

  • Application

Product Description

        *High Quality Material: industrial grade ABS as shell, waterproof, UV resistant and aging resistant. The curved design of the surface reduces wind resistance and noise to a certain extent. Very durable in any environments.

        *Installation Methods:depending on position and sealing requirements,simply pass your cables through the gland and tighten the cap. It can be fixed with Glue (not included) or stainless steel self-tapping screws ( not included). The bottom of the enclosure should be glued to the mounting surface with a suitable adhesive/sealant. We recommend using a panel wipe or similar to prepare the mounting surface and the bottom of the enclosure to completely remove grease before applying the sealant.

        *Accessories: transparent PE bag, inner box, outer box.

        *Package:The whole set is within 1 ABS white box, 2 cable glands ,2 rubber seals

        *Upgraded Design: Built-in screw slot for easy installation to prevent screws from slipping.There is a groove on the bottom, which is convenient for gluing, and improves the fastness and waterproof of the paste.

        *Application: Rv, caravans, motor homes, boats, garages, garden…


Solar Double Cable Entry Gland Size

Solar Double Cable Entry Gland Size



This waterproof double cable entry gland is suitable for any cable with a diameter of 3-7mm.
It is very suitable for installing solar panels on motorhomes, campers, caravans or boats.
This roof entry gland can be used for other facilities and structures, such as buildings, garages, sheds and other roofs.
It can be easily bonded to the roof with a suitable sealant.
Suitable for all solar panels above 40W.
The stylish and compact design ensures that your mounting surface has a subtle finish.

solar cable entry box internal design



Double Cable Entry Gland Application

solar cable entry gland application


How to Make a Solar Cable Entry - Solar Panel Wiring Install

        We also have matching cable leads, which can be customized according to specification and lengths.


We Slocable is the professional OEM & OEM manufacturer for Solar Cable and MC4 Solar Connector.

We can supply various packages like cable rolls, cartons, wooden drums, reels and pallets for different meters as you request.

We can also supply different options of shipment for solar cable and MC4 connector all over the world, like DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, ARAMEX, FOB, CIF, DDP by sea, by air and so on.

solar cable and mc4 connector packing

solar cable and mc4 connector shipping
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Products Application

The advantage of Solar power station: Safety in use, pollution-free, noise-free, high-quality power energy, no limit for the resource distribution area, no waste of fuel and short-term construction. That’s why Solar power is becoming the most popular and promoted energy all over the world.

solar panel connection

solar pv application

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