6 AWG Red and Black Battery Cable Wire 12 Inch for Car or Marine

  • Conductor Material:Copper
  • Insulation Materials:PVC
  • Application:Cars, Trucks, Ships, RVs, Solar Systems, etc.
  • Battery cable wires are ideal for replacing automotive cables, motorcycles, RVs, campers and other vehicle wiring applications, grounding cables, golf carts, car stereo amplifiers, solar power, power inverters and many other DC applications.

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  • Introduction

  • Packing

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Product Description

● Red and black battery connection wires, the round battery pins at both ends are insulated.
● Voltage capacity: 1100V
● Lugs: Round battery pin copper
● Ideal for connecting batteries in 24v, 48v battery packs.
● Ideal for connecting batteries to inverters up to 5kw.
● Manufactured with ultra-flexible Angle Power-Flex Cable 100% fine-stranded PURE COPPER cable for high amperage applications.
● The copper cable lugs are tinned and have a closed design to prevent corrosion
● Use polyolefin heat shrink tubing to form a protective seal.
● Includes one black cable and one red cable.

Battery cables for automotive: Tinned copper wire has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and stability. Tinned copper increases heat dissipation, improves electrical conductivity and improves wire performance. The red wire is the positive pole, the black wire is the negative pole.

Tinned copper terminal battery cable: automotive tinned copper jumper cable has good stability, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, improves the oxidation resistance of copper and better maintains its electrical conductivity.

PVC Insulated Jacket: Automotive battery cables with flexible PVC insulation is abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, moisture-resistant, flame retardant and insulated to withstand the rigors of automotive or marine environments.

Packing list: 6 AWG inverter car battery cable with a set of positive (red) and negative (black) battery cables. Maximum load current: 200A (12V).

Application: Commonly used in cars, trucks, boats, solar, RVs, trailers, golf carts, motorcycles, lawnmowers and other electrical applications.



PVC insulated jacket and tinned copper wire battery wire tin-plated copper terminal battery cable



Red and Black Battery Cable Wire Application


How to: Battery Terminal Install. Better than Factory.

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Products Application

The advantage of Solar power station: Safety in use, pollution-free, noise-free, high-quality power energy, no limit for the resource distribution area, no waste of fuel and short-term construction. That’s why Solar power is becoming the most popular and promoted energy all over the world.

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