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  • Heavy news! U.S. PV installed capacity increased by 24%, a new record
      A few days ago, according to the “U.S. Sustainable Energy Record” data, the newly installed photovoltaic capacity in the United States reached 16.5GW in 2020, an increase of 24% compared with the 13.3GW in 2019, and continued to maintain strong growth. The newly installed capacity ...
  • Panasonic withdraws from solar cell module production, losing to Chinese manufacturers
              Panasonic will terminate solar panel and module production plants in 2021, terminate related businesses, and withdraw from competition.         As a well-known Japanese company, Panasonic is no stranger to most consumers. Its brands involve household appliances, aviation, office p...
  • Operation and maintenance strategy of photovoltaic power station during holiday
              Photovoltaic power plants are left unattended during long holidays, and may encounter heavy rain, strong wind, snowstorms, etc., or may encounter electrical fires due to improper maintenance. So, how to maintain the photovoltaic power station to avoid danger when unattended during the ...
  • Congratulations on our new beginning!
    The company has dreams, independence and expectations, business needs to be prosperous, business enthusiasm, opportunities always come, wealth is always near, kindness is in the store, wealth is around, happiness is always accompanied, glorious day by day, I wish you a happy opening and all the ...
  • Can the blockchain trading platform improve the efficiency of solar energy distribution?
      In the process of photovoltaic development, the main problem of early development is technology and cost. How to reduce production costs through technological innovation so that photovoltaic can enter thousands of households without subsidies is the goal of many companies to improve their...
  • The photovoltaic industry sets off a new wave of vertical integration
      In the context of the major adjustment of the domestic energy structure, the energy industry quickly set off a new round of energy revolution represented by green energy, and the photovoltaic industry, one of the representatives of emerging energy, also took this opportunity to sweep away the ...

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