• Slocable Won the Latest Version of the Energy Storage Cable 2PfG 2693/03.23 Standard Certification!
        On April 11, 2024, TÜV Rheinland issued the latest version of the energy storage cable 2PfG 2693/03.23 standard certification to Dongguan Slocable Solar Technology Co., Ltd. at the 12th Energy Storage International Summit and Exhibition (ESIE 2024). Shi Bing, General Manager of TÜV Rheinland ...
  • During the 2024 Canton Fair, Slocable will Provide One-Stop Service for Customers Visiting our Factory!
        The 2024 Spring Canton Fair will be held in three phases from April 15 to May 5. The Canton Fair brings together outstanding companies and innovative products from all over the world. It is an important window for China’s foreign trade, attracting a large number of buyers and customers ...
  • Slocable Will Participate in the 2024 HK Global Sources Exhibition
        The highly influential B2B consumer electronics procurement event -Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show and Global Sources Electronic Components Show will be held in April 2024. This exhibition will closely focus on core keywords such as “low-carbon environmental protection, nature,...
  • Solar cable types-how to choose between copper core and aluminum core?
            In photovoltaic projects, the choice of copper core cable or aluminum core cable is a long-standing problem. Let’s take a look at their differences and advantages.     The difference between copper core and aluminum core 1. The colors of the two cores are different. 2. The aluminum...
  • Analysis of Design Principle of Electric Vehicle Charging Gun
          Electric vehicle charging guns are mainly used to charge electric vehicles. The charging gun acts as the interface between the charging device and the rechargeable battery of the electric vehicle. Each country has mandatory standards. All charging pile and electric vehicle manufacture...
  • How to Choose a Solar Panel Connection Box?
        The solar panel connection box is the connector between the solar panel and the charging control device, and is an important part of the solar panel. It is a cross-disciplinary comprehensive design that combines electrical design, mechanical design and material science to provide users with a...
  • Is it Better to Connect Solar Panels in Series or Parallel?
        How you choose to wire your solar panel is actually important, and it affects the performance of your system and the inverter you will be able to use.   What is Solar Panel in Series?     When you connect the MC4 positive terminal of one solar panel to the MC4 negative terminal of the other s...
  • How to Assemble Anderson Powerpole Plugs?
            Putting the Anderson powerpole connector housings together and then putting the connector pins in makes it easier to assemble, especially when using heavy paired wire.         Before soldering or crimping the contacts to the heavy paired wire, adjust the orientation of the contacts so tha...

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